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Little Help For Abused Animals In Fulton County

To The Editor:

I was unaware until this week that Fulton County does not have the capability to investigate cruelty to animals. I recently was witness to a horrific example of cruelty to a farm animal in Burnt Cabins. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I literally burst into tears when I saw the condition of this poor animal. There is no excuse.

I started by calling our local animal control, who put me in contact with the Pennsylvania SPCA in Harrisburg. They took the information and an agent from Philadelphia called me back saying that there was nothing they could do because Fulton County does not have a sworn-in officer to investigate these claims. If they were to send an agent, none of their investigation could be used if charges were filed because it is out of their jurisdiction. So, they instructed me to call our local police barracks, which I did. They gave me another phone number to call for the animal control officer in Franklin County, who services our county. This individual is a volunteer who does this kind of work at his own expense. So far, nothing has been done. The whole reason for reporting this behavior is that there is a dire need for intervention on behalf of an innocent animal, which by this point has been neglected for months, and it will continue to be abused until someone steps in.

I decided to contact our county commissioners’ office after I was not given any help by anyone else. They are looking into this situation, but there still has not been a resolution. I would like to thank county clerk Swain and Commissioner Cutchall for their attention to this matter.

Abuse to a human is bad enough, but at least they are able to tell someone what is happening to them or someone notices and takes action. Animals can’t tell a friend or call anyone for help. They need others to speak for them.

To those who have the mentality to be able to abuse an animal, please keep in mind that no one forced you to get the animal. If you don’t want it anymore, please find someone to take it. Call the Humane Society, advertise in the paper, or put a sign along the road. There is no call for neglecting and abusing a helpless animal. It shocks me to think that these same people have children. If they can’t take care of an animal, how are they able to properly care for a child? I would also like to add that this person should be tied outside to a post on a rope so short he can’t move his head, in the scorching heat we’ve been having with no water and no shade for an extended period of time, just like he has inflicted on this poor, defenseless animal. Maybe then, he will think before treating an animal like this again.

Ashley Summers-Duvall


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