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Explains What Happened To Countywide High School Football

To The Editor:

Lately I have been answering a lot of questions from parents and potential players about what happened to the idea of a countywide high school football team, using players from all three school districts for one good team. Some are calling, wondering when it is going to start and even how and when to sign up. Here’s the story:

Last fall, Central Fulton made a real effort to listen and investigate the possibility of county football. They did research and fact finding, which is the start of all projects. Administrators, school employees, school board members spent their own time and put together some solid initial facts. During that time, I found Forbes Road receptive to the concept of a team, and certainly always willing to listen. An administrator at Central Fulton cared enough to call an informal meeting to see if a high school team was plausible.

In late February or early March 2010, a meeting was held at Community State Bank, where many interested people from all three schools volunteered their time to come and talk to a few of the “football people.” The discussion framework was centered on the fact that a football team including all three schools would be difficult, and require a ton of effort, but no one said “no” to football at that time. It was agreed that night that step one was for those present to ask their respective school boards’ permission to conduct a student survey to estimate the amount of football interest among their student bodies. That was a first step in “a possible thousand steps,” but a first step, and I could not have asked for more.

What happened next is that Southern Fulton’s school board members voted “no” to even surveying their students for their interest in playing football. Didn’t even ask! So you Southern folks interested in football, talk to your school board. Forbes and Central did the survey, but the results were poor. And that’s what happened to the idea of a Fulton County High School football team.

I will also share that I have heard much flap about the way the schools surveyed, that it wasn’t good enough. I don’t subscribe to that at all. Forbes and Central did what they could do. We the people, and we the players, did not raise our hands at roll call, period. After the survey results, there really wasn’t anything left to talk about. We remain the only county in the state with no high school football and, what’s worse, there are no options for those that live here to play, grow and learn by playing what is often referred to as the ultimate team sport past the age of 12.

But the good news is that the Fulton County Cowboys are alive and well and registering players and cheerleaders for 2010 and looking forward to a great year playing, learning and growing from a great game.

I sincerely thank everyone who gave an effort, and opened their minds to the idea, and shame on those at Southern Fulton who blocked the survey opportunity to find out more about their students’ interests and, moreover, those down there that even let that happen.

As long as I’m around, football will be with me, and the willingness to work my tail off to make it happen; I, personally, just don’t know what to do next.

Damon Schoen

Fort Littleton

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