2010-06-24 / Obituaries

In Memory


In memory of George “Henry” Plessinger on his birthday June 19: If we could visit heaven On your birthday, Just maybe for a moment Our pain could go away We would put our arms

around you And hold you very close So true that life without

you is so hard, But your memory will

always be with us A daily thought, A silent tear, A constant wish that you

were here To fill the empty space No one can fill. We miss you and love you Happy birthday, Henry

Sadly missed and loved by

Marian and Crystal


In memory of Vera Strait, who passed away on June 21, 2003:

Grandma It’s been seven years Since the Lord called you home On that summer day But to me it seems like only

yesterday You were here Oh, how I miss those times We had shared together Our talks as we sat on the

porch swing Watching the hummingbirds Oh, how things have changed Since you were here with us There are times I wish you

were here near me But I know you’re not Just the memories I have of you Which I will never forget Cause they are in my heart Grandma, I know someday We will be together again But for now, you are greatly

missed by me. Greatly missed and loved

by your granddaughter


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