2010-06-17 / Letters

Master Gardeners Ask Community To Enjoy, Not Destroy, Plants At Lions Park

To The Editor:

The Penn State Fulton County Cooperative Extension Master Gardners accept community projects to fulfill our volunteer hours needed to become a master gardener. The Lions Club asked us to plant flowers and shrubs at the community park playground this year. It seemed like a great opportunity to beautify the playground and hopefully share our love of plants.

Some people seem to be against the idea and not only pull out the flower plants but also the shrubs. We don’t want to give up, but we have replanted several times. We’re told the next solution is boarding up the planters.

There is a problem in our community and at Lions Park. Is there a way that as a community we can solve the disrespect for plants and property? Otherwise, we all lose.

We do thank the people who do help us maintain the plants. They are Don Fowler, Randy Clever and the probation workers, mothers who see plants pulled out and replant them, and others whom we don’t know.

The master gardeners invite you to see our pollinator garden on the Lions Park walking trail and the flowerbeds around the signs.

Please join us in appreciating plants in our community. They are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.

Linda Garber Fulton County Master Gardeners

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