2010-06-10 / Local & State

June Is Dairy Month

Summer begins with a celebration of agriculture and some of our favorite foods – dairy!

“Kick off summer on the right foot with three servings of nutrient-rich dairy foods every day,” said Reed Englert, Fulton County Food Bureau President.

“Dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese or ice cream, are nutrient powerhouses since they contain calcium, protein and numerous other essential nutrients,” said Englert. “Plus, they taste great!”

Dairy Month is also a time to celebrate that the dairy industry is the largest segment of Pennsylvania agriculture. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania is home to approximately 8,300 dairy farms and 550,000 cows. More than 98 percent of Pennsylvania’s dairy farms are familyowned. The dairy industry and associated businesses generate $7 billion in annual income, 85 percent of which remains in the local community.

“Recognition of our dairy industry is all the more important this year, when dairy farmers are dealing with tumbling milk prices. So celebrate Dairy Month by enjoying three great tasting, nutrient packed servings of dairy every day,” said Englert.

The Fulton County Farm Bureau is a voluntary organization that works to advance the interests of agriculture and rural communities. It offers numerous benefits and services to its 330 members, and is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation.

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