2010-06-10 / Letters

Wants Animal Abuse To Stop

To The Editor:

I am the founder of Greener Pastures No-Kill Animal Rescue. Over the years we’ve gained many fine animal-loving supporters from Fulton County. I’m also quite lucky to have made some wonderful friends from your area too. There are many responsible pet owners in Fulton County, sadly, however, there are a few out there who don’t share the same values as I do.

Last week we took in yet another abused soul from McConnellsburg. This time it was a young, adult female cat that was found on Reservoir Road near the fairgrounds. She was shot in the head with a shotgun and, amazingly, managed to live through it. It will take a lot of surgeries, money and TLC to pull her through this. Our vets say that they’ve never seen anything like this before on an animal that was still alive, but with proper steps she will make a full recovery. These are not fresh wounds, this cat has been surviving like this for quite some time. We have a pretty good idea who did this, and a generous donator from Fulton County has put up a $1,000 reward for any additional info that will lead to an arrest and conviction. What a lot of people don’t realize is that abandoning and/or purposely hurting an animal is a felony.

This is not the first time this has happened in Fulton County. Neglect, abandonment, poisonings and shootings of animals seem to be running rampant. Ball fields and other community friendly institutions have also fallen prey to criminal mischief acts.

The fact that there are no town police or a humane officer isn’t helping matters much, and the state police seem to be slow and reluctant to get involved.

My point is this ... this kind of behavior must stop. Treat people and animals the way you wish yourself to be treated.

If you see inhumane treatment of animals, call me. (I have no legal jurisdiction but can tell you what your options are.) Call the PA SPCA at 1-866-601- SPCA or call the PA State Police. Section 5511CA of their job and ethics codes says that they must respond to a complaint whether they like it or not.

Why do I care so much? It is my fervent desire to relocate our rescue to Fulton County in the next two to three years. Many of our current residents are from Fulton County, and we’ve outgrown our farm in Franklin County. The wonderful people and natural beauty of your county are just part of the “big picture.” Fulton County desperately needs a no-kill shelter and a full-time humane officer, and I can help provide both. I can’t help but to want my future home and community to be safe, loving and the best it can be.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone in Fulton County for your amazing support and generosity with our flood-relief fund and our recent benefits at Butterfly Gardens and at Lincoln Way Pizza.

Our gates could simply not remain open if it were not for the incredible help Fulton County residents have given us. You should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am.

Samantha Frey,

Founder Greener Pastures

PO Box 278 Marion PA 17238


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