2010-06-03 / Local & State

Former Marine Pleads Guilty In Road-Rage Shooting

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – A former Marine with a history of mental illness has been sentenced to 13 to 26 years in prison for the roadrage shooting in Philadelphia of a motorist whose 8-yearold daughter was in the back seat.

Thirty-five-year-old Christian Squillaciotti had pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder. Authorities say he was enraged in Oct. 2008 when he fired at the car driven by Thomas Timko of Glendora, N.J.

One shot hit Timko in the head. His daughter, Kaitlin, was uninjured.

Timko, who is still recuperating, was in court Friday. In a statement read by the prosecutor, Timko said he has no medical insurance and lost his home due to his extensive medical bills.

The defendant's lawyer said his client was physically and sexually abused as a child.

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