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Family Reflects On Strong Military Ties

Woodrow and Doris Keefer family boasts long military history
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Woodrow Keefer Woodrow Keefer McConnellsburg resident Woodrow Keefer and his wife, Doris, have much to be proud of. Most notably, however, with Memorial Day upon us would be the family’s ties to the United States military.

Stopping by the Fulton County News office last week, Woodrow reported he began serving his country in 1949 when he joined the Army. Woodrow completed basic training at Fort Knox and served as a member of the C.C. 5th Field Artillery Unit. He did a stint in Germany before ending his military enlistment in 1953.

Woodrow also shared with the “News” his son, Edward E. Keefer, was also a proud member of the United States Army and underwent basic training at Fort Bennington, Ga. Edward, a specialist fourth class, then transferred to Fort Jackson located in South Carolina and eventually graduated and completed his training from Fort Pickett, Va., during the year 1980.

Edward Keefer Edward Keefer Woodrow and Doris Keefer’s daughter, Wilma, married Keith Waters, who enlisted with the Army on June 13, 1978. Keith spent time in Germany, Texas and Kentucky before being discharged on October 30, 1992.

The Keefer family’s military connections and dedication to their country have also been passed down to their grandchildren. Grandson Randy Smith began his basic training at Fort Leonard in Missouri and served in Desert Storm before his discharge in 1991. Randy is the son of Lloyd and Doris Smith.

Grandson-in-law Pvt. Tyrone Johnson is the newest member of the extended Keefer family to join the ranks of the military. Tyrone, husband of Misty (Lynch) Johnson, joined the United States Army on July 7, 2009. He completed basic training on October 23, 2009, while at Fort Benning, Ga. He is currently stationed at Vilseck, Germany, and is scheduled to leave for Afghanistan this June.
Keith Waters Keith Waters
Randy Smith Randy Smith
Tyrone Johnson Tyrone Johnson

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