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Alleged Assault Case Forwarded To DA

3-year-old boy victim of leg injury
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

A case involving the alleged aggravated assault of a 3-old boy has been forwarded to the office of Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall.

Investigating officer Trooper Angela Roher of the McConnellsburg state police barracks reported the case was sent to the district attorney on Friday, May 28, for further review. An update on the status of the case is not yet available.

According to Roher, the toddler sustained a major injury to his leg on May 6 at a residence along Lehman Road in Union Township. Immediately after suffering the 1 p.m. injury, the boy was transported to Washington County Hospital by family members.

Rohrer added he was then transferred to Children’s Hospital located in Washington, D.C., where he received treatment and was released the following day.

Officials from Fulton County Services for Children were notified of the possible assault by the child’s caregiver, who was not watching the child when the injury occurred. The caregiver reportedly told Services for Children the possibility exists the injury may have been incurred as a result of discipline rather than from a fall as had been initially reported.

The child, Roher stated, is currently recuperating at the home of his caregiver and remains under the supervision of Fulton County Services for Children.

“The suspect and paramour did finally admit that the child was injured during discipline and not from falling,” concluded Roher. “However, the way it allegedly happened has certainly produced a question of intention but prosecution is not guaranteed.”

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