2010-05-27 / Letters

Alternate Side Of The Street Parking Needed In Boro

To The Editor:

With the high volume of tractor-trailer and wide width concerns of these machines trying to pass thru the narrow Lincoln Way East corridor, it is common now to observe damage and breakage of vehicle driver-side mirrors along the parking sections and the squeeze play of PAC MAN type maneuvers to avoid being struck as the width and depth are reduced to an unsafe level even for the best of the behemoth professional drivers!

To reduce the impact of danger both to persons and machines, removing daily parking from Monday thru Friday along the eastbound section from the intersection of Rt. 522 thru to Seventh Street would be in the public interest and allow the “alternate” side of the street rule to go into effect!

Also, no stopping or standing except for deliveries should be posted and no parking bags or even the removal of meters be undertaken!

Saturday and Sunday normal parking could remain along with a new policy of free parking along the route to entice much-needed shoppers!

This would not be a burden on the boro and only limited labor would be required along with a few new common signs being posted and a stimulus grant applied for or a simple request to the sign shop at PennDOT where on-the-spot assistance and installation would be achieved!

Glenn Morris McConnellsburg

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