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Central Fulton Proposes Increasing Property Tax

Final budget adoption scheduled for June 8
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Faced with potential increases in pension contributions and health insurance premiums, the Central Fulton School Board released a proposal last week to raise the real estate millage rate for the 2010-11 school year.

Prior to making a motion to approve a tentative budget and millage increase, board member Gary Shives stated the board is currently faced with making drastic cuts in order to balance its general operating budget. The board’s final decisions will be made in June, he concluded, when the budget undergoes final adoption on June 8 at 7:30 p.m.

On a motion by Shives and fellow board member Linda Garber, the board unanimously followed the recommendation of the Budget and Finance Committee to approve the tentative budget with anticipated revenues listed at $14,320,913. The real estate rate was accordingly increased by 1.0339 mills, which district business manager Jolinda Wilson pointed out represents the district’s allowable index.

The proposed change in rates would raise the real estate taxes from 25.8475 to its new level of 26.8814 mills. Wilson reported to the “News” the increase is expected to generate an additional $162,422.55. As a result, the average household would likely see an increase in taxes of $54.69.

Copies of the proposed budget are available for review in the district office. Personnel

The services of attorney James M. Schall were retained for the upcoming 2010-11 school year at a monthly rate of $550. The cost, according to reports, remains unchanged from the current school year.

The board also agreed to retain the services of school dentist Jack D. Steele, D.D.S, who will be performing dental examinations for students enrolled in third and seventh grades. The cost remains $3 per examination. In addition, Dr. Douglas Stern will be replacing Dr. Joanna Brady to complete physical examinations at a rate of $8 per student during the 2010-22 school year.

Heather Walker was hired as the extended school year instructor at the hourly rate of $24, while Odette Plessinger will serve as her aide. Plessinger will receive $8.50 per hour in conjunction with her duties.

Joy Bennett of New Paris was appointed to the position of middle/high school emotional support instructor retroactive to May 6. Bennett’s prorated salary was accordingly set at $40,000 plus an additional $300 for special education.

Nicole Mendenhall from Coral Springs, Fla., was hired as a middle school English instructor effective July 1. Mendenhall’s salary was set at $46,050.

It was announced the district’s first choice to fill the position of elementary emotional support instructor had accepted employment elsewhere. As a result, the opening will be readvertised, and interviews will again be conducted.

Resignations for the purpose of retirement were accepted from high school teacher Melissa Horton and custodian Clifford Glunt. Both resignations are effective the conclusion of the 2009-10 school year.

In addition, a request for a leave of absence through the Family Medical Leave Act was approved for Horton.

With her clearances submitted and in order, Karen Varney of Harrisonville was added to the professional substitute list.

The contract of middle/ high school Principal Todd Beatty was extended by a total 50 days, thereby lengthening the agreement from 210 to 260 days effective July 1.


Underclassmen are scheduled to be dismissed at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 2, as a result of annual board approval. Baccalaureate services were in turn scheduled for Sunday, May 30, with graduation to follow on Wednesday, June 2. Both events will begin at 7 p.m. in the middle/high school auditorium.

A resolution changing the focus of the Tuscarora Blended Learning Charter School was adopted by the board. The Central Fulton School District is a member of the regional charter school, and the resolution will allow for the school to focus on grades seven through 12. Programming to elementary-age students will be eliminated.

Tim Fowler and Ilana Krieger received permission to take members of the junior class to Shippensburg University on May 17. There is no cost to the district for students to participate in the field trip.

A one-year extension was granted for the student driving Behind the Wheel program offered by Gregory Hays. The program costs $16.50 per student.


Central Fulton’s board members who serve as members of the Fulton County Area Vocational- Technical School’s (AVTS) Joint Operating committee were unanimously instructed to make a formal request at the June 17 AVTS. The request entails that proposed salary increases for AVTS support staff and administration be removed from the final 2010-11 operating budget.

The board followed up on its request by accepting the tentative AVTS budget in the amount of $903,743. The district’s share of the budget is $227,145.17. It was further noted by utilizing deferred revenue, the amount the district owes for 2010-11 represents a $11,554.90 decrease from this year.

Approval was granted to discontinue the influenza vaccination program offered annually to staff members. Under questioning by board member Dr. Brent Carlson, the board learned the elimination of the program was linked to budget constraints as well as difficulty in obtaining the vaccine. Savings to the district has been estimated at $300.

The following individuals were placed on the 2010-11 extracurricular salary scale:

• Heidi Johnson, varsity volleyball coach, $3,195

• Kathy J. Kendall, varsity volleyball first assistant, $2,720

• Ellen R. Wagner, varsity volleyball third assistant, $1,745

• William Kendall, varsity boys soccer second assistant, $1,995

• Tobias K. McGarvey, varsity girls soccer coach, $3,520

• Wade Mellott, varsity girls soccer first assistant, $2,720

• Allan Kaplan, varsity girls soccer volunteer assistant

• Joseph Roberts, junior high volunteer assistant

• David Garland, varsity girls basketball coach, $3,820

• Dorothy Doyle, varsity girls basketball first assistant, $2,970

• Doug Seiders, varsity girls basketball second assistant, $2,495

• Allison Fraker, varsity girls basketball third assistant, $2,420

• Robert Paruch, varsity boys basketball coach, $3,820

• Denny Swope, varsity boys basketball first assistant, $2,970

• Kathy Kendall, varsity boys basketball second assistant, $2,670 and

• Arthur Jefferson, varsity boys basketball third assistant, $1,945.

In following the recommendation of the district’s Budget and Finance Committee, the board agreed to set the 2010-11 extra- and co-curricular salary scale without any increases. The scale, however, does include two new positions (junior high baseball second assistant and elementary choral/band) at an overall cost of $4,885.


The daily rate for route #016 contracted to Chyrel Foster was increased from $114.99 to $133.58 retroactive to April 26. The change was as a result of increased mileage accrued by adding another student to the route.

Retroactive to April 28, K-4 route #034 belonging to Gary and Eileen Decker will see a daily rate increase of $77.08 to $78.58 due to a slight jump in mileage.

Building and grounds

McConnellsburg Post 561 baseball team was given permission to use the high school baseball field. On the condition that district sporting activities are given precedence.


Alterations were made to the 2010-11 elementary and middle/high school handbooks.

An executive session was held for approximately 45 minutes to discuss personnel matters. No action was taken by the board after reconvening.

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