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MHS Musical Was Impossibly Wonderful!


The cast of “Cinderella” The cast of “Cinderella” Impossible things did happen on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 15, 16 and 17, as MHS invited the community into the enchanted world of Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical adaptation of “Cinderella.” Full of magic, wonder and the talents of the company, we came to believe that impossible things happen everyday!

The stage opened with the Fairy Godmother (enchantingly portrayed by Rachel Porterfield) awakening the public square to the Herald’s (wonderfully portrayed by Nick Mc- Clure) announcement of an upcoming ball. His Royal Highness (masterfully played by Cole Johnston,) was throwing a ball to find a bride. The King and Queen (majestically portrayed by David Mellott and Emily Watkins) wished for him to be as happy as they were. The kingdom’s people were delighted at the news. Also thrilled at the prospect of marrying off one of her daughters to the prince was the Stepmother, (magnificently portrayed by A’leese Dickerson.) She carefully warned her constantly bickering daughters, Portia and Joy (beautifully portrayed by Kelli Cordell and Emily Wenschhof) that they would be marrying someone this year no matter what. Left behind without a thought was Cinderella (magically brought to life by Gabrielle McGarvey). She passed the time dreaming of all the things she could do until her Godmother helped the impossible come to life. Cinderella met her prince at the ball only to leave him feeling as if she were only a dream when she rushed off at the stroke of midnight. He sent the Herald on a search of the kingdom that proved fruitless. In the garden, he talked to a young lady about the impossibility of dreams only to realize that she was right in front of him. Cinderella and the Prince were married and they lived happily ever after.

Cecelia Parker returned to complete her ninth production with MHS. She is to be congratulated for providing the community with an enjoyable theatre experience through her devotion to the students and production crew. Her experience in theater most of her adult life was evident in her ability to cast students in roles that they seemed suited for. Cecelia also brought the students to life as choreographer. Her ability to charm audiences through the variety and difficulty of the dances is commended. She provided an unbelievable collection of scenes and dance sequences that carried the story forward and showcased the talented actors.

Noreen Mann continued to show her devotion to the cast and crew as music director. She and the orchestra made up of Carolyn Kerlin and Bryce Wilford provided as always the most impressive musical support. Noreen’s effort and selfless giving of her time allowed the director and production team to benefit from the talent nurtured from the high school students.

Erica Sexton’s fifth year as costume designer was a wonderful accomplishment. The challenge to provide costumes for a variety of scene changes and sequences is one that she achieved masterfully. She and her costume mistresses Melissa Horton and Marjorie Sexton are to be commended for their array of costumes and accessories that brought the characters to life.

Steve Walker, Stephanie Walker, Susan Cubbage and Doug Seiders were masterful at transforming the stage into the public square, Cinderella’s house, the palace and the garden. They are commended for their attention to detail from set pieces to props and for the magic of the plain yellow pumpkin becoming a golden carriage. We were fortunate to have the support of individuals and businesses within the community for the pieces that brought authenticity to the stage.

This is Nancy Shearer’s 10th year producing MHS musicals. Nancy brings a professional dedication to the students of MHS and production crew as she works tirelessly behind the scenes. Her attention to details and final touches to the show reward audiences with wonderful performances.

The behind-the-scenes crew from dance coaches, hair stylists, makeup crew, lighting, and spots to the community and businesses that donated monetary support should know that they are appreciated by the spectacular performances given. Without their support, this musical could not happen.

“Cinderella” is McConnellsburg High School’s 24th musical production since 1984 and is funded in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

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