2010-05-20 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Birthday wishes to Nicholas Watkins, Bon Scott Booher, William Group, Minerva Park, Courteney Shehan, Dan Mellott, Jody Skinner, Travis Wilson, Greg

Strait, Chuck Gates, Doris Madden and A.J. Cordell.

Anniversary wishes to Nick and Shannon Brown and Travis and Nichole Kling.

Get well wishes to Sharynn Book, Cynthia Spencer, Reba Campbell, Althea Stains, Dick and Jessie Rhoades, and Mary Mort.

Pat Ramsey visited with Emily and Micah Ramsey on Wednesday afternoon.

Matt Rhoades celebrated his graduation on Saturtal day evening with Stacy and Dane Rhoades, Jon Senft, Dick and Jessie Rhoades, Todd, Shannon, Alex and Christian Cornelius, Brian Rhoades and Karen, Jalon, Gabby and Ronnie, Ben Rhoades, Kale Mansberger, Betty Ramsey and Joe, Melanie, Cody and Dison Myers.

Enjoying Mother’s Day lunch together were Dick and Jessie Rhoades, Todd, Shannon, Alex and Christian Cornelius, Ben Rhoades, Matt and Dane Rhoades, and Betty Ramsey. Billy Rhoades made a call from Alaska with Mother’s Day wishes, and Brian Rhoades stopped by for a visit.

Angel Wings would like to thank all the supporters of their Mother’s Day lunch. Special thanks and blessings to Hilda Wilson, Joe Price, Jeremy Wible, Rick and Tonya Doyle, Dodie Price, Larry Grubb, Nick Grubb and Tammy, Jayla and Jennie Cantrell. Angel Wings is a group of volunteers in a nonprofit organization helping to fill needs of many folks in our area.

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Jack Carlton. Sympathy is also extended to the family of Geraldine “Gerrie” Madden.

Buzz and Bea Covert attended Shaine Goshorn’s game on Saturday in Mount Union. They were lucky to stay in their seats with the wild winds blowing through all day.

Betty Ramsey, Kim Stevens and Melanie Myers spent last weekend in Pittsburgh visiting with Hillary and Eric Costello and Holly and Aden Forslund. They also enjoyed some shopping and watched the Pittsburgh Marathon.

Mamie Streightiff visited this weekend with Tim Streightiff in Washington, D.C.

The Three Springs Fire Co. and Lions Club annual parade and carnival activities will kick off on Thursday, May 27, at 7 p.m. and continue through Sunday evening.

Congratulations to Garrett Speck on his college graduation this weekend.

Tom and Chuck Streightiff, John Young and Dave Mellott enjoyed some golfing in Harrisburg this weekend.

Visiting this past week with Steve and Karen Grissinger and family were Donna Locke, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Travis Madden and Brent Carlson. Visiting on Monday evening were Joe, Amy and Alyssa Horton. Alyssa was picking out her very own two fluffy, white bunnies that she later named Ella and Mae.

Steve and Karen Grissinger visited with Aden, Raylene, Adria and Amelia Russell and friend Samantha on Friday afternoon. Adria is now 5 years old and in school and Amelia is 3 and quite the talker.

Pat Ramsey, Karen Grissinger and Terri Grissinger met with Tammy Grissinger on Wednesday evening for some shopping and dinner in Chambersburg.

Ruth Grissinger and Tammy Grissinger met at Path Valley on Wednesday evening for dinner.

Donna Locke and Irene Park met Nora Grissinger in Chambersburg on Wednesday for an early Mother’s Day lunch at Bonanza.

Ryan Bomgardner, a Christian comedian and ventriloquist, will be sharing his message on Sunday, May 16, at Immanuel Bible Church beginning at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Surprisingly we found a few remaining mushrooms mid-week, but most were starting to dry up and become crumbly. Snakes are being seen quite often now so the mushroom hunting has come to a halt. Speaking of snakes, someone said Mark Hale has quite a story to tell.

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