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Cards Of Thanks

Thanks to my friends, Janet and Bill, for taking care of my dog, “Nicklaus” while I was in the hospital. Love ya, Alice Reams Thanks to my friends, Janet and Bill, for taking care of my dog, “Nicklaus” while I was in the hospital. Love ya, Alice Reams ROSENBERRY

The family of Helen M. Rosenberry wishes to thank all the nurses on Shimer Trail who cared for our mother, sister and grandmother during her stay there. They all took excellent care of her up to the very end. Also to Dr. Milroth’s office for the care they gave during these past years.

Thanks to all for the comfort given to the family by friends and family. To Martin Brown Funeral Home for the wonderful job they did and for all their help.

To Pastor Wade of Freedom Worship Center for providing the heartwarming services and all the ladies of the church for their kindness to provide a meal afterwards.

We appreciated all the things of kindness everyone showed us in our time of sorrow. God bless everyone.

Nancy Kyler and family

Cinda Rosenberry and


Bud Seville and family


We would like to send a thank-you out to everyone for their thoughts ad prayers, cards and all the gifts they have sent to us. We have so many things to be thankful for. Some of those may seem a little strange, but God uses many things.

I am thankful for a sickness that kept my husband home when he should have been at work and this sickness that kept him home for the next two months to help me.

I thank God that He put a desire in my husband’s heart for two brown pups with bladders that were too small to make it the entire night. I thank God for the guys and girls who give up their time to help on the ambulance crews, especially Hustontown and Mc- Connellsburg.

I am thankful for JLG switching their insurance, making it so my old doctors would not accept the new insurance. Things were taken care of that should have been taken care of from 2008. I am so thankful for the many churches that sent cards and money to help us, even though we were not part of their local body, but we all are brothers and sisters. Thanks also to Pastor Sam and my local body at Dublin Mills Community Church.

I thank God for a son who got the responsibility of taking care of his mother at the age of 14 and he stepped up to the plate. Also for finding the many, many things his mother has lost.

I thank God for a granddaughter who has a problem with her left arm. She reminds me of myself. We are in this together, Kaylynn. I am thankful for a granddaughter who asks me every day “How are you feeling today, Grandma,” – Emily and a big-eyed little girl with a big smile that comes quick to cheer me up – Brianna.

I thank God that He sent Isaiah to keep those two brown pups from being bored. Thanks to neighbors like Betsy, who knows that I am not allowed to drive right now, and she stops in to see if I am bored and want to ride to town or if I need anything from town. Thanks to my brothers and sister and their families for the food and visits and everything they have done.

I thank God for my husband for putting up with my grouchiness and for making me eat for the last two months. Thanks to my girls for doing their best to take care of me. Thank you to my new boss, who I only about a month before this all happened and who still made it her job to come over the mountain and go back into the country to bring food and visit. Thanks, Pam.

Thank you God for sending a little 5- or 6-year-old boy with cancer into my husband’s life. My husband was in the Medical Center to get a blood test and this little boy came in to get one. His mom was busy with his little sister, and he went right in himself and helped the nurse give him his own blood test. I ask God to touch and bless him and his family, because he was a blessing to us.

I know there are people I have forgotten, but God knows all and rewards everyone.

Mark and Donna Snyder


A sincere thank-you to all the people in and around Burnt Cabins who acknowledged my 98th birthday. Your gifts, cards, food and personal visits are sincerely appreciated.

You made my day special.

Myrt Mathern REAMS

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