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Council Hears Update On County’s Renovations


McConnellsburg Borough Council members heard an update on the county’s renovation and rehabilitation project and granted a quitclaim request to a borough property owner at their regular meeting last Wednesday evening.

Commissioner David R. Hoover II updated the council members on the county’s project and made several requests.

Hoover asked that the county be permitted to take back the chandelier that hangs in the meeting room of the Fulton House. The chandelier originally hung in the county courtroom and when it was remodeled in the 60s, the chandelier was given to the Fulton County Historical Society. Hoover said that the new renovation plans include the chandelier in the hallway outside the courtroom. Council approved the request conditional upon approval of the Historical Society. Council members also asked that the county provide three matching lights for their meeting room to replace the chandelier. The approval vote passed unanimously on a Jim Smith/Pat Frazier motion.

Hoover also asked to extend a parking agreement with the borough to add a fourth month. Last month, the commissioners agreed to pay $150 per month for the use of 15 parking spaces for court parking. The county’s courtroom has been temporarily moved to the theatre while renovations are being done. The original request had been for the months of May, June and July, and Hoover asked to extend the agreement through August. Approval was granted unanimously.

An additional request to have 30-minute parking on the three meters in front of the courthouse was tabled pending further discussion. Several council members expressed opposition to the idea. Borough Secretary Jack Fields explained that new meters reflecting the new time would have to be purchased.

Hoover also informed the borough that renovations on the courtroom have progressed sufficiently to allow inspection of what would have been the original courtroom. The renovations have uncovered original wallpaper as well as horsehair plaster.

Hoover also explained the county’s plan for an underground stormwater basin and how that will run from Spruce Street to an additional First Street manhole. The plan will go to the borough’s engineer, Keller Engineers, for approval. The engineer has already recommended approval of the county’s stormwater runoff plan previously submitted.

In other business, council split on a decision to grant a quitclaim to an East Market Street property owner. The property owner was seeking to clarify the location of an alley on his property that he has used as a driveway. Appearing with his surveyor, the property owner said the alley does not appear on the borough’s plot plan and therefore was never an alley. Four council members agreed and granted his request while three members, President Travis Bard, Rick Buterbaugh and Pat Frazier, felt the matter should have been referred to the borough’s solicitor.

The property owner also asked to make improvements to the alley behind his property at his own expense, and council voted unanimously on a Smith/David Washabaugh motion to grant approval with the understanding that the borough will not maintain the alley.

Council also adopted Resolution Number 4 to make application to the state for reimbursement for a portion of snow-removal costs during the 2009-10 winter. The resolution was adopted on a Jim Smith/ Buterbaugh motion. According to Fields, borough secretary, the amount that might be reimbursed is unknown at this time.

Council also approved a parade permit for a Memorial Day parade and approved a request from Todd Alexander to close a portion of East Market Street for his annual Edward Jones picnic on June 18.

Councilwoman Pat Frazier recently attended the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs conference and presented council president Travis Bard with an American flag given to the borough at the conference.

Frazier will also be representing the borough at the Communities That Care board training on May 18 and 19.

Also during other business, council members noted that they have been invited to a meeting at the school on May 18 to discuss a Safe Streets to School project.

Regular business

During regular business, council voted to pay TMS for snow removal at a cost of $675 and to pay for three loads of anti-skid at $1,089.

Council approved payment of April bills in the amount of $16,541.87. Receipts for the same period were $10,298.84. Checks were written for $21,573.25, leaving a May 1 balance of $39,809.93.

Council members in attendance included Travis Bard, Mack Shaffer, Rick Buterbaugh, David Washabaugh, Pat Frazier, Pat Booth, Jim Smith and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

The council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regular meeting is scheduled for June 2, 2010.

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