2010-05-06 / Local & State

Patients: Hospital Nixed Surgeries Over Friendship

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Two people who met through a website that links prospective organ donors with patients say a Philadelphia hospital canceled their surgeries because of concerns about their friendship.

Forty-six-year-old Dolly Carew was scheduled to receive a kidney from 44-yearold Bob Randall on Friday. But they say Albert Einstein Medical Center canceled the surgery last week because they had become close friends since meeting through MatchingDonors.com.

Randall, of Etna Green, Ind., says he received a letter from the hospital that mentions how he declined to participate in a “domino’’ transplant that would involve more donors and recipients.

Hospital officials say they believe Randall lied during the evaluation process for being a donor. They wouldn’t elaborate, but said it precluded him from being Carew’s donor.

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