2010-05-06 / Local & State

Cards Of Thanks


I wish to thank all the people at Hershey Hospital and Harrisburg Hospital for all the help given to me while I was there.

Ruby Barnhart



Saturday I did something stupid as I was turning into the Tower Bank drive-thru on Lincoln Way. I took my eyes off when I was going to see if it was open. Heard a terrible noise, stopped, got out and found I had driven over the concrete barrier. Couldn’t go forward or backwards. As I thought about what I could do, a pickup truck came into the parking lot. A young man got out and came over and tried to push me off the barrier. It didn’t work, so he told me he would call his brother and come with a jack to get the car off. While we waited, a young lady in the truck checked on me several times to see if I was OK.

It was a very hot day. When his brother arrived they worked and worked and finally got me going.

When I was ready to drive off, I asked what I could do for them. “Nothing,” they both said, “glad to help.” So don’t anyone tell me the young people today don’t care. I found several who gave up their Saturday afternoon to help a stupid, elderly woman driver!

My sincere thanks to them again.

Kay McBeath

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