2010-04-29 / Obituaries

In Memory


To my beautiful grandmother, Florence G. Spriggs. I love you and miss you on your birthday April 28, 1913 - February 9, 2006: I think about you all the time And every day it hurts to cry So much has happened in

my life I’m not sure how hard to try. Tears are falling constantly, My heart hurts every day I think about your beautiful

smile That I pray I see again someday The sweet smell of your

perfume Has slowly faded away But all your helpful teachings, Are always here to stay I can’t express how much

you taught me So much I can’t explain All the times I can remember Never once heard you

complain So many hearts were broken, The day God called you

home It seems as though each

one of us, Were left to survive alone I know there was a reason, That you had to leave To keep us in your watchful

eyes So now in God I really do


Love, Missy

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