2010-04-29 / Local & State

Maintain Vehicles Beyond Inspections

Suggests regular checks of key automotive components

Required annual vehicle safety inspections go a long way toward keeping Pennsylvania’s motorists and roadways safe, but PennDOT is reminding drivers not to ignore the need for routine maintenance between inspections.

“We can all help make our roadways safer by keeping our vehicles in top running condition between inspections,” said Kurt J. Myers, PennDOT’s deputy secretary for Safety Administration. “Performing routine maintenance checks is a prudent step all drivers can take to keep their vehicles safe.”

Routine maintenance helps to prevent malfunctions that could cause a dangerous or deadly situation. Worn or defective tires, bad belts, low fluid levels, a weak battery or any number of other maintenance issues could potentially cause a loss of control or leave a motorist stranded.

Performed regularly, maintenance helps to prevent mishaps associated with mechanical failure. Little things like checking tire pressure routinely, checking a vehicle’s oil level when fueling up or having a mechanic check out a peculiar sound can help save money and prevent frustration down the road.

Vehicle owners can visit the “Maintaining Your Vehicle Beyond Inspections” section under the Motor Vehicle Information Center on PennDOT’s Driver and Vehicle Services Web site, www.dmv.state.pa.us, for more information on maintaining vehicles between inspections. Download a free maintenance checklist at the site and keep it as a reminder.

Troubleshooting your vehicle using a checklist should not be considered a replacement for scheduled maintenance for your vehicles. Drivers should consult their owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s regular schedule of vehicle maintenance for their particular make and model of vehicle.

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