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School Districts Can Reap Savings On Healthcare

To The Editor:

Nothing is more important than the education of our children. Fulton County’s public schools have been doing a great job and the school boards have been supporting the schools well. These boards have the responsibility of funding the schools, and therefore of raising taxes on real estate as necessary, so owners, landlords and renters alike wind up paying the bill.

As we could all see in two major articles on the front page in last week’s issue of the “News,” Fulton County residents, owners and renters alike can be glad local school districts are appealing to the Pennsylvania State Legislature to keep local expenses down. Since the most expensive benefit our school boards provide to employees and retirees alike is healthcare insurance, this budget item deserves scrutiny.

A recent study showed that Central Fulton School District could save $676,514, Forbes Road $371,563, and Southern Fulton $429,618 each year if they were free to enjoy the provisions of The Family and Business Healthcare Security Act. These figures will be much higher in the years ahead. This Act is now in the Pennsylvania Legislature, SB400 in the PA Senate, and HR1660 in the PA General Assembly.

The school boards need to seek this savings for taxpayers. Under the Healthcare Act, instead of buying insurance for healthcare, all school district employees, present and retired, would get their healthcare from their choice of doctors and other private providers, all without deductions, copays, or limits. The Act covers everyone living in Pennsylvania.

For more information about this, go to Healtcare4allPA. org. Fulton County school district healthcare cost information can be found there under Resources, then Taxpayer Savings on the front page. Statewide, there are billions to be saved.

Jack and Kathie Hendricks


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