2010-04-29 / Letters

Christian Community Keeps Semper Fi Memorial Alive

To The Editor:

Over the past year we have asked ourselves the same questions over and over again. First, “How could a person who professes to be a Christian treat his fellow man with deceit and disrespect and still continue about his daily routine knowing he is living a lie?” and second, “Who can we trust if we can’t trust someone who is a member of a small community, a Christian, and even a relative by marriage?” We don’t have the answers to those questions, and we don’t anticipate that they will ever be answered by mortal man.

What we have experienced over the last year are actions that show how true Christians care about their fellow man. At a time when we were ready to just throw in the towel and call the Semper Fi Memorial quits, so many people stepped up to help keep this important fund alive. The most recent effort brought tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts as we saw 131 people from 7 to 70 years old participate in the memorial 5K walk/run in memory of Steven. There were many more people behind the scenes that deserve our sincere gratitude. Twenty three sponsors willingly donated money to purchase the T-shirts that were designed by SF High School student Ellie Mundale. Although we mistakenly left Randy Ward’s name off the shirts as a sponsor, he graciously refused a refund. Thank you, Randy, for your sponsorship. Thank you to all who assisted, including the National Honor Society of SFHS, Connie Booth, Luanne Keebaugh, Carolyn Mottern, Jim and Tammy Ifert, Jeremy Hollinshead, Mac Miller, Missy Barton, Needmore Fire Co., Giant Food, BJ’s Designs, Eddy’s Engraving, and all those who made additional donations. We made new friends as a contingency from the Franklin County Jail not only participated but solicited an extra $500 in donations. A special thank-you to Angie Booth, who was the main planner and organizer of this highly successful project. You are all true Americans, and we are so grateful that students will continue to experience the annual Arlington trip.

Semper Fi

Mike and Nancy Szwydek

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