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Commuity Keep D.C. Field Trips Possible For Students

To the Editor

Every year since I began teaching at Forbes Road Jr.-Sr. High School, our juniors have been allowed the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., to experience a few of the highlights of our nation’s capital. We have been to the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam and Korean War memorials, the Smithsonian, the White House and the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum. Since 2006, the Szwydek family, through their memorial fund, set up in honor of their son who was killed in Iraq, has graciously and thoughtfully funded these trips while providing an added stop at Arlington National Cemetery where their son is interred.

At the beginning of this school year, I was concerned that our trips, especially for this year, would come to a sudden halt. It looked as if the Szwydek memorial had ended. But it had not. I have heard Nancy and Mike Szwydek express several times how blessed they feel to be a part of a community that can band together and help out each other when times are not as clear as we would hope. This is exactly what happened.

With the help of community minded individuals, our trips have been able to continue on. With the generosity of the members of Center United Methodist Church in Waterfall, Ruth Knepper, teachers Angie Booth, Melissa Barton and Mac Miller, the VFW, George Cutchall and all the volunteers, organizers and participants of the 5K held in Warfordsburg this past weekend, and the upcoming basket bingo held to rejuvenate the Semper Fi Memorial, the fund has survived and will continue on.

We are a blessed community and it is with a grateful heart that we all share the duties of raising the next generation and teaching them the values of God, Country, Community and family.
Jeremy Hollinshead

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