2010-04-22 / Letters

Commends FCCFF

To The Editor:

In my opinion Fulton County is blessed with many people and organizations that are extremely caring and willing to help when needed. I wanted to show support for one that I feel is very valuable. The Fulton County Center for Families and its staff of people are very compassionate in the work they do. I have been associated with them for awhile, but recently have realized the great importance and value it has been for me and my family. They are supportive and informative in all aspects of family matters. They show compassion and are very caring when they are dealing with the families and the children especially. My 2-yearold daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy in February. The FCCF staff, with their care and attention, played a major role in this. It is unclear how long she suffered with having petite mal seizures, but my wife and I may have never noticed the symptoms since they were mild. She is now taking medication and dong well, but without the FCCF being a huge part of our family’s success, she may have never been treated for it. I would like to thank the staff at FCCF and tell them how much I appreciate everything they do.

If you are a parent and live in Fulton County, give them a call, they may be able to provide you with helpful information on a wide range of topics.
Glen and Ida
Covert and family

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