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County Discusses Ongoing Renovations

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The Fulton County commissioners heard from a representative from Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates this week on timing and planning issues in connection with office renovations and also touched on the possibility of addressing the exterior of the Fulton County Courthouse through an additional project during 2011.

Brian Haines shared with commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer, David Hoover II and Craig Cutchall that a critical path schedule will outline various tasks to be undertaken during the second phase of the ongoing construction project. Haines pointed out it is crucial for the county to provide feedback and commentary on the schedule in order for participating contractors to be able to prioritize certain job work.

For example, Haines and Commissioner Hoover cited the need for alterations in the courtroom and the courthouse, in general, to be completed prior to changes being made in the basement of the Neighborhood Service Center building. The urgency stems from the county only being able to utilize Fulton Theatre between the months of May and July for courtrelated issues.

The group moved on to discuss removing various pieces of the existing jailhouse, including cell doors, for the creation of a museum-type wall to commemorate the facility. Haines stated items such as cell doors should have been previously identified to contractors. He further urged the commissioners to refrain from interfering in various aspects of the project that should clearly be addressed and fixed by contractors.

“If you see something you want addressed, let us know so we can be the heavy hand,” he added.

Haines also broached the topic of the courthouse weather vane, decorative lettering in the courtroom and clock face on the tower that need to be addressed early in this phase.

In turn, Hoover switched the conversation to the exterior of the courthouse and during what time frame should the brickwork and repointing be addressed. Haines noted an exterior project would require grounding out existing mortar, repointing and replacing of bricks as necessary. A “guesstimate” of $100,000 was given for the repointing.

Hoover shared with Haines that the commissioners and their staff would fundraise to cover necessary expenses with the exterior courthouse project, thereby eliminating the spending of taxpayer money. Hoover concluded he would like the project to begin at this time in 2010.

Haines offered to get pricing estimates on the proposed job. “If you’re not getting brick rubble, it’s an indication you’re OK for a while,” he added.

In other issues addressed on April 13, the commissioners and EMA Director Vince Joyce discussed the installation of the monopole between the Services for Children facility and Walnut Street. The group gave a nod of approval for ComPros to complete the installation at a cost of $16,791. The installation process will be covered through 911 wireless funding, and the monopole was purchased years ago when the 911 emergency system was first implemented in county.

Technology Director Eldon Martin was granted permission to lease a new copier/printer/scanner combo for use in the EMA and Planning offices. The machine includes a five-year lease with supplies and service at a monthly base rate of $227 for up to 3,000 black and white copies. Colored copies cost an additional 8 cents per copy.

During a sit-down with business manager Tim Stanton the commissioners agreed to pay Mc- Connellsburg Borough a monthly rate of $150 for a period of three months in order to utilize a total of 17 parking spaces behind the Fulton House. The parking spots are needed while the county is using Fulton Theatre as an alternate location to conduct district and county court.

The commissioners signed a notice of intent to award the handicapped access parking and stormwater management project at the Fulton County Food Basket to P&W Excavating.

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