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Clear Ridge Man Pens First Thriller

Michael Henry to sign copies of “In The Devil’s Pocket”
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Michael Henry Michael Henry From the deepest, darkest depths of his mind, Clear Ridge native Michael Henry has pieced together his first book that will leave seekers of horror and “spinetingling” thrills hungry for more.

The author of “In the Devil’s Pocket,” Henry shared with the “News” that even though he had always had thoughts about writing a book, it wasn’t until approximately five years ago that he undertook what has been a long journey through the literary and publishing world.

“I just sat down one day and decided to try it,” said Henry, 38. “Now I’m addicted.”

According to Henry, “In the Devil’s Pocket” is based in the Appalachian Mountains and includes main character John Bayley, who after enduring years of manipulation emerges as a preacher with a large following. Overcome with his newly acquired sense of power, John uses his growing empire in attempts to destroy the world.

Henry, a lover of a variety of genres, including fantasy, horror and historical fiction, stated that after coming up with a loose plot based around his villain, hero with a little conflict thrown in, he opted to add some local tidbits that were reworked to suit both his audience and storyline.

“There was nothing hard about writing it,” said Henry, reflecting on the creation and writing phase of his book. “The difficult part is publishing and promoting it.”

“You’ve got to have tough skin to publish a book,” Henry added. “There are so many books out there, it’s hard to get people to read your stories.”

It took an estimated three years for Henry to locate a publisher interested in reading his work. He started off with a list of agents and meticulously began working his way from the top to the bottom until he learned about Argus Enterprises International. Coincidentally, Argus also publishes the works of Big Cove Tannery resident Susanne Reed, author of “Sapphire, Ruby and Other Southern Jewels.”

Henry pointed out Reed was instrumental in helping him de- cide on launching his first book through Argus and providing ongoing advice. He has also found comfort and help through a writer’s group that has been meeting periodically at the Fulton County Library.

Henry has been receiving positive feedback since the release of “In the Devil’s Pocket” and reports people appear to be pleased with his work, which is spawning into a sequel. He has already penned the first chapter for the follow-up and is hoping to use more local references in the new book as well as in some short stories he is preparing for publication in horror magazines. The stories, Henry said, will hopefully serve as a means of promoting his books and newfound talent.

Looking into the distant future, Henry stated, he would like to turn writing into a full-time career, even though the publishing process is often times long and drawn out.

“In the Devil’s Pocket” is currently available in paperback through Argus by visiting the company online at www.a-argusbooks.com. The book, priced at $18.95, can also be purchased by contacting Henry directly at mikehenry@pa.net or 717-987-0130.

Henry, along with Reed, will be appearing in the very near future at Fulton County Library for a meet the author and book signing. The signing will be held in conjunction with the library’s annual book and plant sale on Friday, May 14, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and again on Saturday, May 15, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday’s event will also include a lunch stand and bake sale.

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