2010-04-01 / Local & State

Postal Service Announces Tax Day Hours

With the deadline for filing income tax returns rapidly approaching, the Postal Service is getting ready for last minute filers.

Automated Postal Centers (APCs) are available at 19 area post offices. Using a debit or credit card, customers can use the APC to weigh and mail their tax returns or regular mail and packages 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at most locations. An APC is available locally in Chambersburg.

Postal customers can easily avoid a trip to the main post office by mailing their returns or extension requests early in the day at any of the post offices, stations, branches or collection boxes in their community. However, tax filers using a collection box should make certain that the posted pickup time has not passed to ensure returns will receive the April 15 postmark.

The Postal Service offers the following advice to tax filers:

Try to mail as early in the day as possible.

Always include your return address on your mail piece.

Be certain to weigh your returns or extension requests on a postal scale and affix the proper amount of postage. This is especially true if you are filing extra forms or schedules this year. Tax agencies will not pay postage due, so short-paid tax filings must be returned for additional postage. Ordinarily, that means you’ll miss the deadline.

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