2010-04-01 / Letters

Appreciates Dott Store’s Old-fashioned Style

To The Editor:

In 1905 Albert Einstein published his “Special Theory of Relativity.” In general, it states that the faster we go the more time slows down. There apears to be a place in Fulton County where this theory of physics may not apply.

The Dott Store, on the Great Cove Road, is a place where time seems to slow down when we just sit and enjoy the experience. It has been my good fortune to visit the Dott Store for breakfast and lunch. Upon entering, the wooden floors seem to make my steps go slower, and the warm atmosphere of a country general store seems to make the pace of life slow a bit.

The varied general merchandise, grocery and hardware shelf stock, the six tables quietly located off to the side where people can sit and talk about their day’s activities, the scene of grazing cattle across the road, and a book exchange where you can pick up a book to read or leave a book of your own for others to take all create a peaceful atmosphere.

Whenever I’ve been there the employees, Glenn, April, Anita, Beulah, Kim, Kayla and Ashley, are busy, but never too busy to stop and chat. Warm smiles and hot food are always the order of the day. Tasty breakfasts and lunches served with a smile are worth the trip to Dott Store.

On one of the columns inside there is a 1931 picture of the Dott Store with Fulton County residents standing on the front porch. Perhaps the spirit of these folks still lives at the Dott Store and watches over it to protect the old-fashioned style. Dott Store provides a muchneeded respite from 2010’s cares and concerns.

Time is God’s gift to us; try saving some for yourself at the Dott Store.
J. Michael DeLuca

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