2010-04-01 / Front Page

“News” Reduces Page Size

This week the “News” has converted to a new 44-inch width format, meaning the newspaper you are holding is just 11 inches wide. This more compact size is the emerging national standard and is already the size of the Chambersbug Public Opinion and the Hagerstown Morning Herald, as well as the Waynesboro Record Herald. Newspapers are making this change for econmic and environmental reasons, as well as ease of use.

We hope that you, the reader, will prefer the more compact size, which makes the newspaper more portable and easier to read.

“The new dimensions should enhance our readability and readers will likely spend more time with the paper, which is good for our advertisers. We will reduce our use of newsprint, making the paper even more ecofriendly,” said Jamie Greathead, “News” publisher.

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