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County Awards Renovation Contracts

Initial project phase nears completion
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

As the initial phase of the county’s facility renovations nears completion, the Fulton County commissioners have proceeded with the awarding of contracts for work associated with a variety of areas spanning the demolition of the existing jail house extension, building an overhead, connecting walkway between two buildings and making numerous changes to the interior of the courthouse.

During the course of a week, the commissioners unanimously awarded bids to several companies, including locally based Palmer Construction Co. and Fulton Electrical Services. On Thursday, March 18, Palmer Construction was awarded a general construction contract for phase two renovation work as well as a total of four alternate projects that will come to a projected $1,487,580.

Last Tuesday, March 23, the commissioners convened during the late afternoon to award Fulton Electrical Services LLC of Harrisonville a contract in the amount of $242,575. The amount covers a base bid and two alternates for electrical work to be completed.

In addition, Carl E. Frantz Inc. will be heading up the plumbing renovations associated with phase two of the building contract. The company, which is based in Biglerville, received a contract for the work totalling $89,790.

Furthermore, an HVAC contract totalling $507,650 was authorized for Rodney B. Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Chambersburg to complete work specified in the base bid.

In outlining the details of the second phase of the project, the commissioners told the “News” the following work is scheduled to be completed :

• demolition of the extra jail cells located on the western side of the jail and elimination of the exercise yard;

• completing the installation of the geothermal loop in McConnell Park;

• constructing a connecting walkway between the second story of the courthouse and Sheriff’s Office

• reconstruction of the handicapped accessible ramp at the courthouse to allow additional accessibility to the sheriff’s office;

• new paving and parking areas;

• creation of an underground stormwater retention area on the former Shelly & Witter property;

• renovation of the basement of the Neighborhood Service Center facility;

• eliminating existing first-floor bathrooms in the courthouse and relocating to the former commissioner’s office area

• installing new flooring as well as wall and ceiling coverings in the main courthouse hallway;

• renovation of the courtroom to include new and more accessible lighting, new wall and floor coverings;

• and sidewalk repairs and landscaping in McConnell Park.

The commissioners also indicated in looking at the “adjusted scope of work at this time,” the budget is “approximately in line” for the renovation that is expected to tally $4,545,000. An estimated $563,000 of the project is covered by state Growing Greener II funding to assist in the creation of the geothermal loop.

The expected completion date for the entire project is tentatively set for the conclusion of 2010.

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