2010-04-01 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Don’t forget the Lions Club Easter egg hunt at the Lions Park on Saturday, April 3, at 10:00 a.m. The Lions have sponsored this activity for many years.

Congratulations to Denver Jr. and Lesley Kuhn on the birth of their son, Finnley Patrick, on March 13 in Waynesboro Hospital.

Henrietta Chamberlain celebrated her birthday last Wednesday night with her birthday club friends.

Annette Bain Williams of Berkeley Springs, W.Va., is now home after a lengthy hospital stay. Her recovery to normal will be rather slow, but hopefully each day is a better, healthy one.

Belated birthday wishes to Cheryl Humbert, March 22; Jim Chamberlain and Ruth Reeder, March 19; Parker Knepper, March 28; Adrian Spade, 91 on March 23; Jessica Grosh, April 2; Cheyenne Hege, April 6; Susan Moody, and March 22. Birthdays for this week are Lee Glazier, March 29; Steve Weller and Dorothy Hoffman, March 30; Nancy Shafer, March 31; Jamie Strait, March 31; Alan Gress, March 28; Goldie Mellott, 83 on April 4; Mary Deshong, Jessica Grosh and Sonny Stevens, April 2; Norma Deshong, April 3; Craig Paylor, April 5; Heather Sigel and Cheyenne Hege, April 6; Brittany Ott on March 29; Denise Chestnut and Bud Sain, April 1; Julia Strait, April 2; Chelsea Chestnut and Wayne Crouse, April 3; Nancy Lynch, April 4; and Audrey Bivens, April 5.

Nelson “Whimp” Harmon had knee-replacement surgery in Chambersburg Hospital on Tuesday and is now at home in Ravensburg recuperating.

Cherie Fix recently spent a few days in Fulton County Medical Center and is still having some medical testing.

Justin Hudson has been discharged from Hershey Hospital, but is staying close by for follow-up care, hopefully to be home in a short while. Please keep him in your prayers.

Harry Kline of Harrisonville underwent open heart surgery in Holy Spirit Hospital last week and is now home recuperating.

Kay McGarvey and her mother, Ruth Souders, had a short visit with Cecil and Ann McGarvey Dumire in Mount Union on Saturday. Cecil is having heart surgery this Thursday in Altoona Hospital.

Have a blessed and happy Easter.

Quotable quotes: “Truth has to fall on fertile soil.”

It happened this week: On March 28, 1979, America’s worst commercial nuclear accident occurred inside the Unit 2 reactor at the Three Mile Island plant near Middletown, Pa.

Country shortcuts: Organize your drawers with large plastic caps from hair spray cans and use them to hold lipstick, nail polish, and other small items.

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