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Miller Sentenced For Statutory Sexual Assault

Victim’s family requests modification to no-contact order
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

A Wells Tannery woman pleaded with the court this week to consider a modification to a no-contact order that would prohibit her teenage daughter from ever having contact with a Harrisonville man who was to be sentenced for unlawful contact with a minor and statutory sexual assault.

During the sentencing proceedings on March 23 for Max William Miller III, it was noted the mother initially requested in writing Judge Douglas Herman of the Fulton County Court of Common Pleas that Miller refrain from contacting her daughter. However, based on the fact the couple still continues to profess their love for one another, the mother verbally asked the judge to indulge her new request to keep the no-contact order in place but only until the girl reaches the age of 21.

Following up on questioning of the mother by Herman, Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall stated the victim still feels strongly she is in love with Miller. Kendall added one of the problems with older men having a relationship with young girls is “impulsive decisions.”

Court documents maintain the girl was 14 when she and Miller started a clandestine relationship that spanned a twoyear time frame. The relationship was discovered by the girl’s mother last fall when the woman discovered her daughter missing from her bedroom.

Kendall further touched on unsubstantiated allegations made that Miller, 24, had been involved with another younger female in the past. Kendall said no charges had been filed in that matter and there were less than four years separating the duo.

Due to lack of jobs in the area, the mother also went on to ask the judge to consider other sentencing alternatives such as house arrest or electronic monitoring and work release. The request was based on Miller’s ongoing employment at the Sunoco gas station located at the Sideling Hill Turnpike Plaza.

Defense attorney Joseph Curcillo stated whether right or wrong Miller is in love with the girl. Miller, Curcillo added, now knows he is wrong, and the love is misplaced due to the age difference. The young man was supported in court on Tuesday by a group of close family and friends. He was visibly choked up in briefly addressing the court on how the situation affected him and his family.

Taking into account requests from the victim’s mother and defense attorney Curcillo, Herman noted the sentence to be imposed would not require an extended jail term.

In turn, Miller was ordered to complete a sentence of six to 18 months in the Franklin County Prison for unlawful contact with a minor as well as a six- to 18- month sentence for statutory sexual assault.

Miller will be eligible for work release and must refrain from having contact with the victim. In addressing the no-contact stipulation, Herman said if there are substantial changes in the circumstances surrounding the case or significant time has elapsed, the contact issue can be modified or revisited.

Miller was urged to participate in treatment programs and his involvement in jail could result in an early release. He was also informed he had the right to appeal the sentence or request the order be modified.

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