2010-03-18 / Local & State

Library To Hold Teen Night

Calling All Teens!!! Bored? Looking for something fun to do? Come to the Fulton County Library’s Teen Night!

The Fulton County Library will be holding its first-ever teen night on March 27, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All teens (13-19 years of age) are welcome to attend. There will be loads of fun things to do, and it is also a great chance to meet some new people and make new friends!

There will be music from today’s hottest artists, such as Lady Gaga, Skillet, and Taylor Swift. There will be popular (and still cool!) board games, as well as video games, including a Wii!!! There will also be a movie, but which one will be played will be up to the teens to decide.

The whole library will be used, so bring some friends to fill all of that extra space up! And for the concerned parents, your worry is not necessary. All activities will be closely monitored by a minimum of two adults per floor.

And what better to top off a wonderful night than with food? Free food, at that! Warm, delicious pizza, as well as drinks, will be provided at absolutely no charge! If you’re still hungry, you can pick up a candy bar for $1 and help support the Fulton County Library’s Teen Advisory Board!

So come down to the Fulton Couty Library’s teen night for a roaring good time!

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