2010-03-18 / Local & State

Farm Bureau Celebrates National Ag Day

American agriculture is responsible for providing the necessities of everyday life ... food, fiber, clothing and even fuel. that’s the message of national Ag Day, which is celebrated March 20, 2010. Producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America will gather to celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture on this first day of spring.

The Agriculture Council of America believe that every American should understand how food, fiber and renewable resource products are produced role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy. National Ag Day will focus on educating Americans about the industry, so they may also acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food, fiber and renewable resource industry.

Each year, the National Ag Day program gathers members of the agriculture industry in an effort to promote American agriculture. Focused on sharing how agriculture provides almost everything we eat, use and wear on a daily basis, the National Ag Day program helps educate millions of consumers each year.

For more information, contact the Agriculture Council of America at 913-491-1895.

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