2010-03-18 / Local & State

County Receives Update On Building Leak


The Fulton County commissioners received an update on the cause of a water leak over the weekend and the resulting damage at the Neighborhood Service Center.

The water issue was initially discovered by EMA/911 Director Vince Joyce when he attempted to enter his office and the 911 Emergency Operations Center located in the basement of the facility. The “water infiltration” has since been linked to a contractor who reportedly broke a conduit leading into the building. The conduit, according to the commissioners, would require fixing as soon as possible.

In addition, the commissioners discussed a break in a sewer lateral, also allegedly caused by a contractor last week. An estimate in the amount of $11,800 was given to the county by Stouffer Mechanical to fix the break in the lateral. The company was given authorization to replace the lateral and for a change order to be issued accordingly.

Representatives from Zelenkofske & Axelrod will be contacted to inquire if they would meet with the county’s three auditors to coordinate the completion of internal and external audits.

The commissioners received a telephone call from Franklin County Board of Commissioners Chairperson David Keller, who reported Becky Greenawalt has been selected and approved to serve as executive director of the Franklin/Fulton Drug and Alcohol program. Greenawalt will replace former director Jodi Waddel.

The maintenance department received permission to run network cabling in the Fulton County Courthouse necessary to terminate all network connections for the network room.

A resolution was adopted naming the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism as the agency authorized to make application and receive funding for the promotion of tourism and business within Fulton County. The resolution is slated to end May 31, 2011.

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