2010-03-18 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Inez Eddy and Patty Heshey, March 18;

Buzz Carmack, March 20; Bob Keefer, March 21; Kelsey Barclay, 17 on March 20; Melissa Suders, 30 years old on March 12; Tony Mellott and Donna Gress, March 22; Jeff Carmack, March 23; Homer Lynch, March 21; Cheryl Humbert, March 22; Russell Seville, March 24; Dave Welsh and Diane Harr, March 24; John Harr, March 17.

Louise Long underwent surgery on Monday in Hershey Hospital. Her granddaughter, Lydia, of Pittsburgh, visited with her a day last week.

Sympathy goes out to the families of Elizabeth Clippinger and Sheldon Deshong, who passed away last week, and also to the family of Mike Stepanik.

Michele Horton and daughter Chelsie and grandson Alijah visited with Jenna Horton in Orlando, Fla., recently. They celebrated Alijah’s third birthday while there.

Ed and Tracey Truax will observe their 28th wedding anniversary on March 20.

Chris Shelley, Noreen Mann and Kerin McClearly and niece Jackie Mann Levy of Everett visited recently with Chris’ daughter, Lesley, and Kerin’s son, Seth Henry, in Philadelphia.

Jesse Doyle and Jesse Richards visited with their friend, Logan Umbrell, in Colorado recently.

Congratulations to Cooper McGarvey, a freshman at Faust Junior High School, for making the Chambersburg varsity girls soccer team. Cooper is the of Tony and Martina McGarvey.

Pat Horton had knee surgery on Tuesday in Chambersburg Hospital.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Quotable quotes: “Everyone is an explorer, how could you possibly live your life looking at a door and not open it?

It happened this week: In 1953, the 25th annual Academy Awards ceremony was the first to be televised. “The Greatest Show on Earth” won for best picture.

Country shortcuts: Do you save your children’s drawings? Mist the paper with hair spray – it’ll preserve their artwork.

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