2010-03-04 / Family

Celebrates Second

Bodie Charles Shives celebrated his second birthday with family at his home on January 16. Bodie enjoyed a piece of his “Wall-E” birthday cake, particularly the icing, and a scoop of grapenut ice cream made by Meme Mellott. He got a big, stuffed “Wall-E,” a “Wall-E” backpack and some “Wall-E” jammies. Bodie likes to play with balloons, play dough and color, and often gets into mischief with his cousin Sy.

Bodie is the son of Tony and Seleen Shives of McConnellsburg. Paternal grandparents are Meredith and Karen Shives of McConnellsburg. Maternal grandparents are Mahlon and Jody Shimer of McConnellsburg. Great-grandparents are Bill and Blanche Mellott of McConnellsburg, Naomi Mellott of Harrisonville and Althea “Tissy” Stains of Maddensville.

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