2010-02-25 / Letters

Union Township Snow Removal Sloppy

To The Editor:

I believe that if anyone is being unreasonable about the township roads being closed and done sloppy, it is the township. Every person who complained had every right to be upset! I can understand roads being closed for a couple of days, like some of the interstates, but for two weeks? The people who work for the township are paid to clear the roads and make them safe – that is what we pay taxes for. Stress is not a excuse to not do your job right. It doesn’t matter how much you are paid, you signed up to do the job. It is very unprofessional to laugh at someone’s situation because their roads are not cleared. If anyone is selfish, it is the township for telling someone to call a state worker to come clear a road that the township is paid to clear! No one should have to try to walk through that much snow to get to their house. We all knew the storm was coming, that is why all the equipment should have been inspected and ready for the snow. How is that anyone else’s fault? I understand that some people have medical problems. That is why they should have found replacements. They knew that it would be hard for someone to work through all that snow after having a procedure done. That is just another example of the township being sloppy with its work. We all know how much work is involved in snow removal, but that is a job that they knew they would have to do when they got the job. I don’t see why we should be sympathic to their situation about being cold and working long hours when they are not sympathic to the residents that they are suppose to be serving!
Merle Snyder
Christie Ausherman

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