2010-02-25 / Letters

Fulton’s Food Check Out Day Donations Top Other Counties

To The Editor:

Even in these difficult economic circumstances, the concern and compassion for others has been, once again, well documented by the citizens of rural Fulton County.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, in conjunction with its county chapters, brought recognition to the abundance of our food production through Food Check Out Day activities on February 16. January 1 to February 16 is the average working day time required to earn the money required to feed a family of four for the entire year.

To commemorate this event, funds and other donations were solicited from organizations, churches, businesses and individuals for the Ronald Mcdonald House in Hershey, Pa. Of all the counties that made contributions to the R.M.H. (one of five) in Hershey, Fulton County was at the top of the list with $5,330 in funds and other contributions.

Great job Fulton County donors and to the individuals responsible for doing all the hard work!
Thank you all so much.
Marlin Lynch
Fulton County Farm Bureau

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