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Appreciative Of Union Township Supervisors

To The Editor:

I am here to give my support to the Union Township supervisors and the long hours they have put in over the past few weeks making the roads passable for the residents of our rural area. I was appalled that people were actually complaining about the condition of the roads considering the record-setting winter that we have had to this point. I would think those that are complaining have very little idea of what is required to handle one storm, let alone two of the magnitude we had within a few days. Let those who feel the supervisors haven’t gotten the roads to their liking try spending 12-15 hours a day bouncing around in a plow truck, loader or other piece of snow-removal equipment for days on end give it a whirl. I don’t think they would be complaining quite as loudly once they had spent “a day wearing the other man’s shoes.”

I have somewhat of an idea of what is required to handle the massive amounts of snow and wind that enveloped our area for several days. I work for a contractor that has been helping Frederick County, Md., dig out from the same storm. We have been at it for over a week up to this point, with bigger and badder equipment than our township has, and many of the roads in that area were impassable for several days after the second storm hit. A week after the storm, many roads are just now getting a second lane opened up.

Most days we’ve been working 12-14 hours, and I understand how exhausting “sitting” in a piece of equipment for that many hours can be. Yes, I, too, have had to listen to some complaints from those who were snowed in for several days. But the thank-yous I’ve gotten to this point have far outnumbered the negative comments that I’ve received. I’m sure that a majority of the residents appreciate the service that you do for our township, but there will always be the disgruntled few.

In the past there have been issues with the road I live on, and I have made one or all of the supervisors aware that the road needed some work. Normally the problem has been addressed within a day or two of them being aware that a problem existed. I do feel they try to do the best job they can do with the limited resources that a small township such as ours has available to them. Union Township supervisors be proud of the job you do, you are appreciated.
Jimmy Barnhart
A Proud Union
Township Resident

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