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PennDOT To Release Liquid Fuels Funds Early

By Jean Snyder

PennDOT will aid local governments buried under exorbitant snow-removal costs by issuing liquid fuel funds more than 30 days earlier than previous years.

Gov. Edward G. Rendell last week directed PennDOT to release the funds effective March 1, 2010.

“Through a disaster emergency proclamation I issued Feb. 6, PennDOT is able to deliver needed liquid fuels payments a full month ahead of schedule to immediately assist local governments with the costs incurred this winter,” Rendell said.

PennDOT will issue liquid fuels payments totaling $308 million to 2,556 local governments throughout the state. These payments normally begin after April 1 each year.

Liquid fuels allocations are annual payments issued to municipalities to help pay for transportation related expenses, including snow removal and related materials costs. The funds can also be used to pay for road repairs.

The last time advance payment of liquid fuels funds was made was in 2003, when $257 million was released on March 14 as a result of a similar statewide snow emergency.

The funds are generated from a portion of the state gasoline tax and from Act 44 and are allocated according to road miles.

In Fulton County, $812,010.69 will be distributed as shown in the chart at right:

According to McConnellsburg borough secretary Jack Fields, the borough has spent approximately $7,300 on snow removal for both big storms this winter. Fields said the borough had to haul snow out on both occasions which is the costliest portion of the town’s $10,000 snow-removal budget.

In Ayr Township, secretary Denise Grissinger estimated their snow removal cost at $11,000, including labor and antiskid materials.

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