2010-02-25 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Margaret “Peggy” Kokoszka, February 24; Pat Boder, February 24; Teresa Knepper, February 24; Mike Hinckle of Orlando, Fla., February 19; Cassie Stermmer, 11 years old on February 20; Trinity Fox, 3 years old on February 15; Fred McFadden, February 22; Dorothy McQuade, February 11; Sharon Martin, February 11; Dorothy Mellott, March 1; Floyd Peck, February 27; Brayden Ramsey, 2 years old on February 23; Charlotte Crouse, a leap year baby on February 28; Rudy Mihalick and Howard Tomlinson, March 1; Dot Peck, March 2; and Elwood Gallagher, February 26; Zoe Shearer celebrated her second birthday on February 24.

Marian “Skip” Carbaugh will celebrate her 80th birthday on February 25.

A group of local folks had quite the vacation adventure during snow week. Don and Judy Eisaman, Barb Weller, Myreta Elvey, Kevin and Karen Robinson, Peg Kerlin, Sue Ann Herbert, Dave and Darlene Smith, Kenny Hahn and Brenda Stum, and Monte and Tessa Rasp spent the week of February 7 in the southern Caribbean on the cruise ship “Celebrity Summit.” Weather was beautiful, average 85 degrees. Due to cancelled flights and airport closings, the group worked on alternate arrangements and ended up being bused through the storm to Charlotte, N.C., where they were all able to get flights out to San Juan, Puerto Rico, only to arrive at the pier five minutes before it closed for the ship to depart. In the process several pieces of the group’s luggage was left on the transfer bus. With the help of the ship’s guest relations manager, the luggage was flown to the third port of call several days later. Due to the luggage inconvenience, several of the group received an exclusive tour of the bridge, along with pictures with the captain and a formal dinner at the captain’s table with the guest relations manager. The group was then concerned about the airports being open for the flight back. As it turned out that was not an issue. However, all was not over yet. A volcano erupted overnight on the nearby island of Montserrat and put volcanic ash nine miles in the air, so all flights in and out of San Juan were on a 4-5 hour delay. This has been the first eruption since 1997. The group finally made it home around midnight on Saturday to experience the winter wonderland here. Truly a trip to remember with a wonderful group of family and friends.

Donald and Doris Ray will observe their 63rd wedding anniversary on March 1.

The Friendship Class at Mc- Connellsburg United Methodist Church made 280 quarts of soup on Friday.

Congratulations to Johnny and Krissy Buterbaugh on the birth of a daughter on February 9 in Chambersburg Hospital. She has been named Brooklynn Leith. She has a sister, Izabella, and a brother, Xaiver.

Public Opinion weekly honor roll student-athletes are Luke Mellott, Lacey Beatty and Ryan Harper from Southern Fulton; Ryan Defibaugh, McConnellsburg; and Tanner Henry and Jesse Newman, both of Forbes Road, all for basketball.

Kevin Hudson, Justin Hudson’s father from Alaska, will enter the Hershey Hospital on Monday, February 22, to have his bone marrow harvested for Justin. Justin will be admitted on February 26 and will be treated with chemotherapy for a week and then will be given the bone marrow transplant the beginning of March. Please keep them both in your prayers.

Annette Bain Williams, daughter of Carl and Hulda Bain, was admitted to the Martinsburg City Hospital recently with a kidney infection and is improving a little each day.

Celebrating Joyce Washabaugh’s and Kay McBeath’s birthdays were the ladies birthday club, with seven members attending. The total years of their seven ages is 579. The celebration was held at the American Legion.

Kay McGarvey enjoyed having lunch with her grandson, Jon, and his fiancee, Rachael of Chambersburg, on Saturday. They also visited with Jon’s great-grandmother, Ruth Souders, in Fulton County Medical Center.

Twins Alisa and Cassandra Clevenger celebrated their 21st birthday on February 20.

Quotable quotes: If you don’t think every day is a good day, try missing one.

It happened this week: Oh, what a relief it was when Alka- Seltzer was introduced in 1931.

Country shortcuts: Easy kids’ treat: Waffle Grilled Cheesesandwich thawed frozen waffles together with sliced cheese and cooked bacon in nonstick skillet, cook in butter until waffles are crisp and cheese is melted.

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