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Lashes Out At Union Township Residents

To The Editor:

Over the last two weeks we have had a total of almost 40 inches of snow. So I would like to give a few facts that most of you have no idea about.

Fact one: I can’t believe that you can sit in you houses in the warm when the snow was blowing and coming down so hard you couldn’t see the road in front of you. And the wind was blowing at gale force outside with the temperature ranging from single numbers to teen numbers. You sit in your house in the warm with running water, electric, three hot meals a day, safe and dry. You more than likely have a TV to watch or a radio to listen to. In other words, you are warm, belly full, lights on, enjoying your family and relaxing.

Now let me tell you about 3-5 people. They are the township supervisors and their few helpers. Two of these men have worked almost nonstop since Saturday, February 6. One day they put in 21-1/2 hours straight, another 17, another 15. The least time these men put in a day was five hours and that was Sunday, February 14.

As if these men didn’t have enough stress on them anyway and no rest, no warmth and no hot meal. They still thought about you first. Believe me, it’s not for the money because they could get a job, work eight hours, say pump 3 is on and make more money. Then the stress that put them through because your road wasn’t done first. I don’t understand. This is the worst snowstorm that we have had in 40 years and we had two of them back to back. The U.S. government in Washington, D.C., was shut down for three days. They closed down interstate highways and were giving tickets to people they caught on the road. The TV personnel were telling you to stay off the roads. But you still thought that your road should be done first and done yesterday. Hey, you could have done what Vic did on Thursday (the first time he really got to come home). He waded into the house through drifts over his knees almost to the waist. He got to sleep a whole three hours and he fed the cattle and ate a hot meal. Then he waded back through the drifts again to go back and plow your road. You see ours was still not plowed on Wednesday and Thursday. I missed both days of work because yours came first. By Thursday all roads had at least one lane to travel on. All roads but ours. We were still snowed in, and we are the only supervisor family that lives on a township road.

Out of the four pieces of equipment that the township ones, one went down and had to be repaired. Out of the supervisors, one had a knee replacement about three weeks ago and is walking now very slowly with a cane. He was doing what he could to help. At one time or the other they had every piece of equipment that they were using stuck, and it would take sometimes two or three hours to get the equipment out. During one of these times one of the men fell not once but many times. He ended up getting sick and down and couldn’t even help anymore.

I thank the good Lord every night for my husband and the friends that we have here in this valley that do look out for each other and think of others first. I really thank God for you. Let me ask you all a question. Did you say just a little word of thanksgiving for these men that stay out day and night for you?

But on the other hand, let me tell you about the snow angels who we do have here in the valley. The ones that got on their tractors and trucks and used hand shovels to help these guys out when they could. I thank each and every one of you for all you did. I only know of a few like Donnie, Jake, Jimmie, Jeff, GB, Michael, Paul, Mr. Jay. These are just a few. There were the ones who gave them cookies, coffee, hot chocolate and even sandwiches. Some of our friends even stopped them to just say thank you for what you are doing. Can you believe that they said thank you? You are truly angels and God bless you all.

But to the selfish ones who think that you should be first to have yours done. Tell you what, there is more than likely three jobs you can have right. The township meetings are the first Monday of every month. If you can’t make a meeting, they have elections in our county. Put your name on the ballot and if you win, then I will call you and your wife and cuss, yell and say terrible things to you.

One last question. If it had been hunting season would the storms have stopped you from going hunting?

But again to all of you that were there for these guys and are truly snow angels for them, thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you and yours.
Gail A. Stahle-Wilson
wife of Union
Township Supervisor
R. Victor Wilson

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