2010-02-18 / Features

Baltic The Sea Dog Swimming Through Fan Mail

WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ The incredible story of Baltic, the Polish pooch rescued from an ice sheet at sea, has struck a chord worldwide.

The seagoing mutt is being bombarded with e-mail, will soon have a Facebook page and one family drove more than 300 miles (500 kilometers) from the Czech Republic in the false hope he was theirs.

Ewa Baradziej-Krzyzankowska, the dog's de facto spokeswoman, told The Associated Press Monday that calls and emails have come in from as far as Australia and Canada praising the crew of a ship that rescued Baltic and pleading for updates and photos, too.

Baradziej-Krzyzankowska, who works for the Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia, a co-owner of the ship, said Monday that a Facebook page is planned in response to that massive interest.

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