2010-02-11 / Local & State

Democratic Convention Approves Medicare For All

Endorses Specter, four from Fulton attend

In a landmark decision, on Saturday, February 6, the Pennsylvania State Democratic Convention consisting of hundreds of delegates from all over the state, including two from Fulton County, gave unanimous approval to the Single Payer, Medicare for All Health Care Bill currently introduced into the Legislature and Senate in Harrisburg. County Democratic Party Chairman Rheon Gelvin and state representative David Gourley were among the delegates, while Kathie and Jack Hendricks attended the convention in their role as members of Healthcare4allPA.org, the organization presenting the healthcare legislation for consideration.

Gelvin and Gourley were also members of the North Central Caucus, where Gourley made the motion to approve the healthcare bill. After discussion, the caucus approved his motion unanimously.

The healthcare bill, known as The Family and Business Health Care Security Act, will provide comprehensive healthcare for all legal residents of Pennsylvania at far lower cost to individuals and employers than is currently the case. Fulton County’s three school districts, the county government and the municipal governments will save the county taxpayers a total of almost $2 million each year, while their employees and everyone else will have far better healthcare coverage than is currently the case.

In other matters, the convention endorsed Sen. Arlen Specter over the opposing candidate Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination for U. S. Senate in the coming May primary. In the governor’s race, Jack Wagner got far more votes from the delegates than any other candidate, but did not get the twothirds required for an endorsement.

Pennsylvania is the first state to have the endorsement from a major party for a Single Payer, Medicare for All bill. The bills currently being considered in Washington, D.C., do not have the single-payer option, leaving such matters to individual states to pass their own should they like to do so.

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