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Active Arrest Warrants For County

In conjunction with the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, The Fulton County News is releasing the names and last known addresses of individuals who are deemed as having outstanding warrants for failure to appear in the Fulton County Court of Common Pleas. Anyone having additional information regarding the whereabouts of any of these individuals or anyone wishing to make arrangements to take care of a warrant is asked to please contact the Sheriff Office at 717- 485-4221, the Fulton County Probation Office at 717-485-3192 or the District Attorney’s Office 717- 485-5419.

Criminal Arrest Warrants

Steve S. Adams, Springfield, Ohio - Recklessly Endangering Another Person

Jon N. Bjork, Chicago, Ill. - Probation Hearing/Court Cost Owed

Adam Boehm, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Formal Arraignment for Theft by Deception

Steven E. Burdette, Boonsboro, Md. - Simple Assault

Britnie M. Buterbaugh, Hancock, Md., - Probation-Violation Hearing

Diana D. Channell, Baltimore, Md. - Welfare Fraud/ Trial Scheduled

Lakieth J. Cleveland, Chester, Pa. - Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Kevin R. Cornell, Winchester, Va. - Theft by Deception

Robert W. Dryman, Frederick, Md. - Burglary

Timothy J. Farmer, Needmore - Burglary and Controlled Substance

Nativad C. Flores, Sun Valley, Calif. - Sentencing for Rape/also wanted in Franklin County

Eric C. Funk, Chambersburg, Pa. - Call of the List for False Identification

Tony T. Gantz, Fairfield, Pa. - Formal Arraignment for Theft by Deception

Brice H. Gentry, Mount Union, Pa. - Probation-Violation Hearing - Theft Extort

Brice H.Gentry, Mount Union, Pa. - Probation-Violaiton Hearing - Theft by Unlawful Taking

Lisa L.D. Greenwalt, Wis. - Contempt Hearing

Jason H. Hill, Latrobe, Pa. - Failure to pay Summary Charges: Exceeding Speed Limit

Clarence M. Jefferson, Piedmont, Va. - Call of the List: Simple Assault

Tommy E. Jenkins, McConnellsburg - Formal Arraignment for Possessing Instruments of a Crime

Carnail Johnson, York, Pa. - Failure to Pay Cost/Process - Receiving Stolen Property

Cheri L. Johnson, Waterfall- Probation-Violation Hearing - Bad Checks

Jewell L. Johnson, Pittsburgh, Pa. - Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

Dustin L. Jordan, Breezewood, Pa. -Central Court: DUI & Summary Traffic Offenses

Thomas J. Kubiak, Milwaukee, Wis. - DUI

Loretta P. Lavant, Martinsburg, W.Va. - Failure to Pay Cost to Fulton County Probation

Shawn M. Leedy, Hollidaysburg, Pa. - Contempt Hearing Drug Paraphernalia/Failed to pay Cost

Janet A. Martens, address unknown - Default in Required Appearance James P. Marti, Stafford, Pa. ARD Court: Simple Assault/ Harassment

Heather L. McCue, Burnt Cabins - False Statement/Under Penalty

James W.R. McMillan, Cumberland, Md. - Simple Assault

Christine M. Meyers, Hanover, Pa. - Criminal Conspiracy

Arnold T. Miller, McConnellsburg - Sentencing for Possession of Paraphernalia Bruce A. Miller, Saxton, Pa. Retail Theft

Yvonia Morrell, Hagerstown, Md. - Failure to Appear for Scheduled Court

Christopher A. Morris, Mapleton Depot, Pa. - Theft by Deception

Jeremy S. Morrow, Roaring Spring, Pa. - Burglary

Antwon C. Ollins, Bartow, Fla.- Probation Violation - Simple Assault

Robert S. Painter, Needmore - Bail Review Hearing: Agrravated Assault

Richard J. Pickard, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Formal Arraignment: Theft by Deception

Laura Beth Richards, Hancock, Md. - Simple Assault

Crystal L. Rogers, Mc- Connellsburg- Criminal Mischief

Brian L. Shank, Spring Grove, Pa. - DUI/Possession of Marijuana/ Accident

Clemuel J. Shoop, Mercersburg, Pa. - Possession of Paraphernalia

Nathan L. Skidmore, Hancock, Md. - Robbery

Prentice H. Spriggs, Chambersburg, Pa. - Receiving Stolen Property

Travis M. Spriggs, Altoona, Pa. - Failure to Pay Process: Probation

Christopher D. Tart, Pequea, Pa. - Failure to Pay Cost to Probation

Michael R. Tiller, Newsport, Va. - DUI & Summary Offenses

Timothy M. Wertman, Hancock, Md. - Possession Small Amount & Paraphernalia

Richard W. Wilt, Hustontown- Theft of Property

Robert A. Yerkes, Honeybrook, Pa. - DUI & Summary Offenses

Keith Yocum, address unknown, Bad Checks

William E. Young, Hancock, Md. - Drug Charges: Manuf/Delivery/Possession with Intent to Delivery

Christopher A. Yost, Berkeley Springs, W.Va. - Call of the List: Criminal Mischief Civil Process Warrants:

Dennis L. Boden, Hustontown - Failure to Pay Cost on a Protection-from-Abuse Order

Philip E. Everts, Needmore - Contempt Hearing: PFA Emergency Relief

Arnold A. Flach, Warfordsburg - Failure to Pay Cost on a Protection from Abuse Order

Justin L. Guyer , Mc- Connellsburg - Failure to Pay Cost on a Protection-from-Abuse Order

Marcus S. Kasecamp, address unknown - Failure to Pay Cost on a Protection-from-Abuse Order

Kenneth A. Spriggs, Altoona, Pa. - Scheduled Contempt Hearing for Failure to make Payments

Joshua T. Wilt, Hustontown - Failure to Pay Cost on a Protection from-Abuse Order

Salem Wilt, address unknown - Failure to Pay Cost on a Protection from-Abuse Order

Domestic Relations-Non Support Warrants

Chrystal R. Burton, Hagerstown, Md.

Danielle M. Carter, Mercersburg, Pa.

Paul E. Coy, Everett, Pa. or Fla.

Robert L. Fleegle, Big Cove Tannery

Tony R. Flynn, McConnellsburg

Michelle E. Fowler, Lexington, N.C.

Edwin G. Gagarin, Rochester, N. Y.

Roger E. Harvey, Berkley Springs, W.Va

David W. Hill, Martinburg, W.Va.

Brian A. Lynch, McConnellsburg

Roy Martz, McConnellsburg

Michael L. Myers, Warfordsburg

Peter B. Puleo, Port Norris, N.J.

Michael F. Richards, Hancock, Md.

Roy Ryals (Rogers), Hancock, Md.

Arnold L. Strickland, Hagerstown, Md.

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