2010-02-11 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser
Mother Nature presented us with a nice winter snowstorm. I guess the groundhog’s prediction got off to a good start of six more weeks of winter. Anyway, everyone had snow shoveling to do.

Sorry to hear of Tish Hock- ensmith’s brother being killed. We send our sympathy out to her and her family.

Glad to hear Gwendolyn Aurand was able to return home from the hospital. Hope she continues on to a full recovery.

Quite a few churches didn’t have services on Sunday due to the snow.

A lot of folks spent Sunday evening watching the Super bowl game.

As these items go to press the weatherman has just predicted another major snowstorm. I hear from North Carolina that they are flooded with enormous amounts of rainfall, so I guess everywhere is being hit by Mother Nature. Hope everyone is able to stay in until she gets done, although some folks have to travel to work. Vancouver is asking for snow for their Olympic games. They reported last year they had 10 feet and this year they only have three feet. I guess they have to manufacture it.

Household hint: Eliminating stains. Rub alcohol stains on a wood floor with silver polish or an ammonia-dampened cloth then rewax floor. Need to get rid of white spots that show after waxing. Pour liquid wax over them, rub gently with fine steel wool, then polish with clean cloth.

Hope everyone will be able to weather this winter weather, and we hope our power will also not be affected by it as another storm is approaching.

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