2010-02-11 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Skip Diegleman, February 3; Annette Bain Williams, January 30; Bonnie Miller, February 1; Bob Miller, February 2; Kay McBeath and Terry Lynch, February 14; Irene Harris, June Frinafrock and Josh Hall, February 15; Mack Clevenger, Cindy Headley and Ted Hall, February 12; Ralph Mellott, February 13; Matt Hale, Tawnie House, Chris Humbert and Peggy Ray, February 16; Lois Strait, February 15; Edna Straley, February 12; Brent Pistner, February 10; Pat Frazier, February 16; Gilbert “Gil” Deshong, February 14; Darla Cunningham, February 8.

Public Opnion weekly honor roll student-athletes were Lacey Beatty, Southern Fulton; and Tanner Henry and Jesse Newman, both of Forbes Road, for basketball.

Jack Fetterhoff is now a resident in the long-term care unit at Fulton County Medical Center.

Rodney and Dot Kelly will celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary on February 14.

A 79th family birthday party was held on Saturday for Donald R. Deshong at his home on Goldie Road.

Four-year-old Insea from Haiti, adopted daughter of Natalie and Jeremy Hollinshead of McConnellsburg, is really enjoyed the snow but not the cold weather.

Barry and Judy Shafer and Ruth Reeder of town and Darlene Wilkinson of Mechanicsburg, recently enjoyed an eight-day Carnival cruise to the West Indies.

The snow of 20-plus inches crippled our area over the weekend, cancelling events and closing businesses. Some of the Fulton County Medical Center employees bedded down at the hospital for the weekend.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget your sweetheart.

A baby shower was held for Jonathan and Trisha (Souders) Hodge at The Shak on Saturday, January 30. It was given by Pam and family and friends.

Bobby Hall of Burnt Cabins underwent surgery on Monday at Holy Spirit Hospital. Please keep him and all those who are ill in your prayers.

Jim and Sandy Novak gave a dodgeball 11th birthday party was held for Chase Novak on Sunday in the alumni community building.

Quotable quote: The trouble with talking nicely is that, unfortunately, some people don’t hear you until you scream.

It happened this week: Super Bowl XLIII – which pitted the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals – scored 98.7 million viewers in 2009, making it the most-watched Super Bowl ever, with the Steelers winning 27-23.

Country shortcuts: Pick up pet hair by spraying a cloth with hairspray and run it lightly over pet hair-strewn surfaces. The hair will stick to the rag for super speedy cleanup.

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