2010-02-04 / Local & State

Commissioners Review Phone, Security Needs

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The magnitude and type of telephone and security systems needed for the newly constructed office space of Magisterial District Judge Carol Jean Johnson was still up for debate Tuesday morning following a meeting between the Fulton County commissioners and technology director Eldon Martin.

Martin publicly reviewed a proposal and quote recently given to the commissioners by TelePlus after company officials observed the current systems available to the judge’s office staff as well as the building plans for new office space located in the Needmore Firehall. The new office is tentatively expected to be completed and ready for office staff to begin their move on February 18.

Martin stated the commissioners need to make sure any equipment to be installed in Needmore is compatible with what is located in county offices in McConnellsburg. The current telephone system is outdated and parts are not available in the event repairs are needed.

Martin further said the county has been aware of the outdated system for several years, and the possibility does exist problems could occur during the move into the new office space.

The judge’s current phone system is currently comprised of six telephones, according to the technology director, and the proposed system of seven phones contains “a few more bells and whistles.” He added there really is no need to add an additional telephone until an additional employee is added.

The telephone system is not covered by funding set aside for the project, and funding could have to be taken from the county’s continency fund to pay for the purchase. The telephone system from TelePlus as proposed is set at $4,800.

Martin went on to discuss issues such as warranties, cabling and TelePlus’ quote for security, which he believes is a mix of Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) guidelines and office staff requests. It was mentioned neither of the two remaining magisterial district judge offices have any additional security measures besides a panic button and security cabin, although Judge Wendy Mellott will have bulletproof glass at her disposal when she relocates into the domestic relations office.

The commissioners also sat down with Veterans Affairs director Ed Stenger on Tuesday to discuss the purchase of flags for placement on county veterans’ grave sites. Following a review of three quotes, the commissioners opted to purchase a total of 2,160 American flags from Flagzone at a cost of $993.60. Flagzone is based in Pennsylvania and offers a durable, high quality flag. The company, Stenger noted, was typically utilized in the past for flag purchases by former county clerk Dick Wible.

The commissioners gave a nod of approval to the tax exoneration list and reviewed requests to relocate polling places in two townships. No action was taken on the relocation issue.

The commissioners noted they became aware of an economic development grant late last week, that was due for submission by Monday. With help from the Southern Alleghenies and former FIDA director Wendy Melius, the grant application was completed by John Duffey and sent out in time to meet deadlines.

The commissioners instructed county projects coordinator Karen Hann to contact Area Agency on Aging Director Alan Smith about the need to pump the septic system at the Hustontown Senior Center. Hann needs to determine who will pay for the service prior to a hauler being contacted.

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