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Fundraiser Held For Justin Hudson

School raises more than $5,000 in Loose Change Challenge

Justin Hudson Justin Hudson SPECIAL TO THE NEWS

McConnellsburg Middle School students surpassed what anyone thought was possible this week in a fundraiser for their classmate, Justin Hudson. Homerooms competed in a Loose Change Challenge and raised more than $5,000 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

Justin is a seventh-grade student and is currently receiving chemotherapy at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital for a relapse of leukemia.

Sarah Hollinshead, an eighthgrade student, approached middle school teachers with ideas to raise money for Justin’s family to help with transportation and hotel expenses. Three of these ideas have already been implemented.

The first fundraiser was the Loose Change Challenge. Students donated pennies to their homerooms to earn points. The larger coins were worth negative points. Students put those coins in other homerooms’ containers to lower their scores.

Mr. Griest’s seventh-grade homeroom won the challenge with more than 26,000 points. On Friday alone, Mr. Griest’s container held more than $900. Second place went to Mrs. Pepple’s homeroom with more than 5,000 points. Mrs. Pepple is Justin’s homeroom teacher.

The second fundraiser is selling orange rubber bracelets that say “Justin Hudson’s Army” for $1 each. Mrs. Kendall, the gym teacher, held a competition for students to write the motto for the bracelet. A seventh-grade student submitted the winning entry. Again, students seemed to do the impossible when the first order of 250 bracelets sold out within two days. A second order of 1,000 bracelets will soon be available from middle school teachers and at basketball games.

A third fundraiser is a T-shirt sale. The shirts are orange to match the leukemia ribbon. Order forms are available at the middle school and basketball games.

The middle school teachers were so impressed with the students’ overwhelming support of the fundraisers that all homerooms were treated to a homeroom doughnut party Jan. 19. Students made cards to remind Justin that they are thinking of him and to keep a positive attitude.

Many people contributed to the success of these fundraisers, including those who donated money, Mrs. Kendall, who organized the fundraisers, the students and teachers who counted the coins daily, F&M Trust, which accepted and recounted bucketfuls of coins, Giant, which contributed toward the doughnut party, and many other supporters from the community.

Justin’s parents are updating his status online through the hospital’s Care Pages.

Want to access Justin Hudson’s Care Page at Hershey Medical Center? Here’s how!

1.Go to: www.carepages.com

2.Click on “Become a Member.” Here you will create your profile using your e-mail address and a password, so you can access care pages.

3. After you have become a member, you can search for Justin’s Care Page by typing in justinhudson in the search field.

In order to create a Care Pages profile, you must be at least 14 years old.

Right now, Justin is not permitted to have visitors under the age of 18, so this is a great way to send him a message.

You can also write him a letter and mail it to him. Getting our letters and words of encouragement will really help him in his difficult battle. Justin’s address is: Justin Hudson, c/o Hershey Medical Center, Room 7256, 500 University Drive, Hershey PA 17033

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