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Questions For U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster

To The Editor:

I was thrilled to receive the beautiful, glossy, full-color eightpage brochure from Bill Shuster promoting himself and his political agenda.

On the war: No amount of visits by Bill paid for by the taxpayers will change the war one bit. While politicians support wars with their votes, the last time I checked, only one immediate member of a congressional family (House and Senate) was in combat in Iraq/Afghanistan. This serviceman was a Democrat.

On spending: The total size of the deficit since the country was founded more than doubled under just two administrations, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Two Republican presidents, with a majority Republican Congress most of the time, accomplished this. Tax cuts for big business and the wealthy, pork-barrel spending (a Shuster family tradition) by both Republicans and Democrats, and a needless war in Iraq, resulted in this huge increase in the deficit. Obama’s spending spree is in response to a serious economic crisis brought on by greed and corruption both on Wall Street and in the big banking industry, along with the steady exodus of U.S. jobs as American industries go overseas for cheap labor.

On energy: Moving to alternative, cleaner energy will create many new jobs and lessen our dependence on foreign oil. The fact is that Big Oil and Coal own many congressmen and together they have developed their own plan, “The American Energy Act.” Last year, Exxon had record profits over $45 billion, and there is no such thing as “clean coal,” even if you say it a thousand times.

On healthcare: Politicians have one of the best healthcare plans possible, all paid for by the taxpayers. Thirty million Americans have no health insurance. Bill isn’t worried about greedy drug and insurance companies or medical costs that are skyrocketing, but people are concerned. The fact is that AARP and many others support healthcare reform. An amazing, wellorganized campaign of misinformation has muddied the water on this issue.

I have three easy questions for Bill, who is dedicated to saving the taxpayers hard-earned dollars:

1. In very small print on this wonderful “Promoting Bill” brochure is the statement, “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayers expense.” What was the total taxpayer cost to promote you and your opinions?

2. Why should taxpayers pay for a fancy brochure promoting you and your views, regardless of whether we agree or disagree?

3. How much do taxpayers spend each year just to pay your total expenses, including staff, travel, healthcare, etc.? Somewhere around a million? Taxpayers in the 9th Congressional District deserve answers.

And, food for thought – term limits for congressmen, which already apply to the president, would significantly improve our country’s government.
John Carpenter
Crystal Spring

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